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    On this day of independence for #Nigeria and also 170 days since these children were abducted from school, why does the sad but true question of their whereabouts still exist! !!!! !!!!! #BringBackOurGirls #wcw #wce

    Nigerian authorities don’t care about them or the thousands of young children that go missing every year. 

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  2. "I would rather kill myself than commit suicide"

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    Ex-militants Pledge To Raise Campaign Funds For Jonathan, Purchase Governor Dickson’s Re-election Form

    Prominent ex-militants from the oil-producing Bayelsa State today announced a plan to contribute three months of their allowances to President Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign funds and to purchase the nomination form for the 2016 re-election of Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State

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    i was in DC a few days ago and was chatting with an older Igbo gentleman (63yrs old) who told me that in 2015 Biafra and the rest of the south-south will start the process of breaking away from Nigeria. and that they were tired of the “arab north and those troublesome hausa and fulani people”. i wanted to LOL but he was so serious. then he also dropped facts on the economic prowess of the region and that if countries like Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Benin and Togo can be considered nations then they should too since they’re more populated and wealthier.

    he was also jocking goodluck jonathan which sucked but wasn’t surprising since they’re from the same region. i didn’t realize how beloved jonathan is in the south - it is disgusting. we ended on a good note though - we shared how much we love Mugabe!

    i say all this to say those ex-militant’s cannot be trusted. in fact, anyone who supports jonathan is very suspect.

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    La madre Rusia.

    La foto en blanco y negro es de G. Zelma. (1970). Aunque parezca un montaje no lo es. Se trata de la tercera estatua más alta del mundo y está en Volgogrado en Rusia.

    Se llama La Patria Rusa, o la madre patria. ¿Espectacular? Si, ¿Bonita? Discutible.

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    Samburu Woman

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    From “The People of Moscow.”

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    Ivan Pohitonov

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