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    Philip Lee Harvey 

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    Pottery at hand (Ladi Kwali?)
    Abuja, Nigeria
    John Hinde Collection (1960s-1970s)

    More Vintage Nigeria

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    i want this on my wall when i get my own place

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    Awkward - I thought I told you

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      Top Ebola Doctor  from Sierra Leone has died.

    Sierra Leone’s top Ebola doctor, Sheikh Umar Khan died  on Tuesday from complications of the disease. 

    He was the main doctor at the  front lines of what is now considered the worst Ebola outbreak in history, with 670 dead, primarily in West Africa. He is credited with treating more than 100 victims and has previously been hailed as a national hero.

    One small bit of good news: The current outbreak has proven to be less deadly than previous strands of the disease. Instead of a 90% mortality rate, 60% of the infected have died. And in some areas in Guinea, the situation has stabilized, with Doctors Without Borders even closing one of its Ebola treatment centers.

    Still, the fight still continues…

    Retrieved from http://time.com/3057153/sierra-leones-top-ebola-doctor-dead-after-contracting-virus/

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