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    A day after the World Health Organization declared Nigeria free of Ebola, the doctor who treated the country’s first case of the deadly virus and later died from the disease herself is being hailed as a hero for helping stop the outbreak. Dr. Stella Ameyo Adadevoh, a doctor at First Consultant Hospital, oversaw treatment of Patrick Sawyer, Nigeria’s Ebola patient zero, when he arrived sick in Lagos, Nigeria’s former capital and Africa’s largest city, on a flight from Liberia in July.

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    Would You Use This Aid If She Had Ebola?

    Would you use this aid if your girlfriend had Ebola What do you say?

    who runs your blog?


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    Being a single mother is hard. It’s even harder when you have no support system or no help with them. When there’s no one to spend time with them besides you. When the absentee parent and their family doesn’t participate in their lives. When you’re responsible for their well-being in all areas.

    So I want to take this time to shoutout the single mothers, myself included, that are making it work on their own. When sometimes the weight of what we do bears down so much it feels like our backs are crushing. And you can’t take the time to slow down or cry or take a break bc it’s just you. So you breathe deep and keep pushing. Because at the end of day it’s our responsibility to provide and make sure our children are taken care of no matter who is there or not.

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    Mawimbi by Kidz

    Behance project : https://www.behance.net/gallery/20488033/Mawimbi

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    Paddles have been converted into goal posts by young men, some of them fishermen, playing football on the beach. 4th Oct 2014, #kokrobite #accra #ghana
    Photo by Nana Kofi Acquah @africashowboy (Copyright: 2014).

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    Shopping bc my boyfriend’s bday is on Monday!

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    Salvador Dali, Marquis de Sade, 1969

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    Ferguson vs Pumpkin fest
    The media’s treatment of these two events were shameful!

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