1. "One of the big deals that ExxonMobil has announced in the past year involves access to the Russian Arctic, where it is partnered with a Russian firm to access many billions of dollars worth of reserves involving big investments ExxonMobil would make north of the Arctic Circle. Why is that oil accessible? It’s because sea ice is melting in the Arctic. Global warming may, in fact, unlock enormous opportunities for oil companies."

    As ExxonMobil attacked global warming publicly, geologists working within ExxonMobil were examining how a warmer Earth — resulting from global warming — could create new business opportunities for ExxonMobil. (via nprfreshair)

    NPR reporting with spin? what’s that about?? i’m sure global warming plays a significant part but you shouldn’t sensationalize this point and make it seem like it’s the overwhelming reason why exxon/rosneft, or others in the industry, are pursuing these ventures. it’s become economically viable to do so now given the ridiculously high price of oil, technology improvements that are cost effective and more efficient, and the high demand for oil. our dependency will, in fact, unlock enormous opportunities for oil companies

    (via nprfreshair)

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